We are experienced suppliers of a wide range of suspended ceilings for technical, aesthetic and fire-proofing purposes – we can even bring the outside inside!

Our modular construction suspended ceilings are ideal for covering the underside of the roof above, or of a mezzanine floor for fire protection. Removable tiles provide access to services concealed within the ceiling void, making for easy repairs, alterations and – for hygiene tiles – routine cleaning. We can also fit light units to, or within, our suspended ceilings, along with heating, ventilation or air conditioning units.

Technical and aesthetic advantages of our suspended ceilings include:

  • Noise reduction and improved acoustics
  • Lower moisture levels
  • Better hygiene
  • Lower heating costs thanks to improved insulation
  • Enhanced safety with fire safety-regulated tiles
  • Interior design flexibility.

As an alternative to conventional wire suspended ceilings, we also offers MF ceilings, supported from rigid channel hangers. For aesthetic appeal in a variety of corporate or retail settings, these provide seamless ceiling lines that can be either flat or curved.

With an array of different colours, textures, tile designs and lighting systems available, our designers can literally transform your space.

Creative use of tile and grid patterns can add style, desirability and even ‘wow factor’ to any area. An exciting new concept in lighting for suspended ceilings means we can now bring you indoor sunshine!

We achieve this ‘real sky’ effect by shining high intensity T5 light modules through photographic scaled images printed onto special diffuser panels. Images currently available are Cumulus cloud, high altitude sky, summer, autumn or winter trees.

This innovative lighting effect has been empirically proven to offer several significant benefits:

  • Brightening up windowless interior rooms
  • Generating feelings of well-being that boost staff productivity
  • Relaxing patients in hospital settings.

Fire protection for mezzanine floors is an integral part of our service.

Floors exceeding 20m in either direction (i.e. width/length) will require protection under the provisions of Building Regulations ‘Part B’. Smaller floors default to the minimum requirement of an automatic detection and alarm system meeting the relevant stipulations of BS 5839-1: 2013.

We are specialists in the design and installation of office partitioning and ceiling systems that not only help you make better use of your available space but enhances the efficiency and look.

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