Suspended Ceilings. Adding Purpose and Design.

Suspended Ceilings created by PDiC Ltd are of modular construction and are the perfect way to cover the underside of the roof above or underside of a mezzanine floor for fire protection. Constructed using tiles that are easy to remove for access to the void – making repairs and alterations easy or if hygiene tiles are fitted wiping the surface for routine cleaning. Light units can be fitted to or within the suspended ceilings along with heating, ventilation or air conditioning units.

Why Suspended Ceilings?

Suspended ceilings can have great benefits such as:

  • Reduce the amount of noise.
  • Reduce the levels of moisture
  • Acoustics are improved
  • Hygiene is increased
  • Heating Costs are lowered with improved insulation
  • Safety is enhanced with Fire Safety Regulated Tiles

Not only are the technical aspects of having suspended ceilings beneficial but it can also add style and design to a room. With an array of different colours, textures, tile designs and lighting systems, the choices are endless. But choosing the right tile and grid pattern for a project is something that our designers can do you for you.

We have expertise in interior design and we will aid you to transform any area into a desirable, functional place to be used and enjoyed by many. We also offer another derivative to conventional wire suspended ceilings and these are MF Ceilings, supported off rigid channel hangers they provide seamless ceiling lines that can be either flat or curved for aesthetics in areas such as the main reception to corporate buildings, the boardroom, shopping centres, canteen areas, etc…

Making for a brighter day!

JMSL9957 - altered PS

PDiC Ltd offer a fantastic new concept in lighting for suspended ceilings. We are now able to bring the sunshine indoors, using photographic scaled images that are printed onto special diffuser panels, with high intensity T5 light modules, the illusion of a real sky is created. These images trigger positive benefits for the mind and well being and are the perfect solution for an inner room lacking windows. The light modules can be fitted into a standard grid using 600mm x 600mm tiles in a pattern size to suit the suspended ceiling area. This can be a square, rectangular or circular pattern or we can offer custom shapes. Images that are standard are:

  • Cumulus cloud
  • High altitude sky
  • Summer trees
  • Winter and autumn trees which we have two prints


  • Perfect partner for interior windowless rooms
  • Improve feeling of well being for staff giving better productivity
  • Patients in hospitals applications benefit from the illusion of a relaxing sky view.

If you have any inquiries or questions regarding the best possible solution for you, please click here to contact us by email or alternatively give us a call: 0845 121 1935