Pallet Racking, Shelving and Storage Systems

Racking and shelving storage systems, we have designed for many years. Warehouse and distribution centres, offices, retail and display operations etc. and many other applications. Whatever the system and application we are working with, we have two main objectives we strive to achieve:

  • System Design – a good system maximises not only capacity but productivity
  • Cost – through our experience we have successfully designed and installed systems which have been substantially more competitive than alternatives.

Our racking systems fall into three categories – Adjustable pallet racking systems, Short span and long span shelving system, Sure-Loc our heavy duty cantilever racking system.

Pallet Racking

Warehouse design and function is the primary concern of any logistics operation. SKU movement needs to be kept to a minimum to keep unit costs down, PDiC’s experience in warehouse operations ensure that the pallet rack system implemented is suitable for our clients needs.

Wide Aisle, Narrow Aisle, VNA and Drive in Racking are all derivatives that we can assist with a call to our sales team.




With so many different product weights and sizes it can be difficult for you to choose how to store and locate stock efficiently. This is not a problem as we have 5 systems to choose from, all competitively priced and designed for specific applications:

  • Heavy duty longspan shelving
  • Light and medium duty shelving
  • Office and library shelving
  • Budget priced stock room shelving
  • Carton flow dynamic shelving

Each of the above come with accessories that make them universal for storing items such as large and small engineering components, car parts, electronic components, books etc. The list is endless. For more information please call us.


Sure Loc Cantilever Racking

‘Sure-Loc’ cantilever racking is a bespoke designed storage system specifically created for long awkward shaped goods that cannot be easily located on conventional pallet racking. ‘Sure-Loc’ is manufactured in our production facility alongside our Mezzanine floors and can be specified in two derivatives: fixed or adjustable.
Our systems come in a range of finishes including galvanised and can be adapted for external storage with weather proof canopies if required. Typical products that lend themselves to this type of racking are:

  • Steel bars and heavy sections
  • Steel sheets and coils
  • Timber panels
  • PSE Timber
  • Plastic extrusions
  • Pipes and tubes
  • Building lintols


If you have a specific problem and need our help call our design team with our engineering expertise regarding the best possible solution for you, please click here to contact us by email or alternatively give us a call: 0845 121 1935